Monday, November 19, 2012

what gifts!

Please Lord
Gild me
In determination
Help me to remember and to be watching
Daily Bread, what you have shown me
What Gifts!
So that I see I should not take
Anything as granted.
- A. Borne

(poem written by a friend and read at church yesterday)

Remembering and watching these gifts...

-many provisions
- a warmer-than-mine body to fall asleep with
- grocery shopping all together
- an unexpected free morning
- a fixed dishwasher; family help
- Levi's over-tired silliness
- a borrowed vacuum, a just-for-a-moment clean house
- piles of blankets and books with Evan and Levi
- potluck in the kettle; two yummy chili's, happy children, sugar and spice cookies
- a new and wonderfully successful Miro lesson
- family over for a double birthday party; homemade pizzas, strawberry shortcake
- when he wakes up and just wants to cuddle with me and blankie
- quiet moments
- inspiring sermons
- Mom ok, after a trip to the ER with kidney stones
- a fun hangout/photo shoot with the Blakes
-for a very adorable little church distraction 
- a possible painting commission
- my husband, steady breathing and asleep on my shoulder
- time to stop and watch the birds
- the upcoming week of family, food and thanks
- cookin' with my sous chef..

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