Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kimmie and Kevin and Ever Bars

While we were out taking our Christmas pictures, I thought I might as well take some shots of our love-bird photographers...

Kimmie's boyfriend, Kevin (whom we all adore) is an entrepreneur and launching his business "Ever Bar" in the very near future.  He and his cousin have created an all natural and VERY YUMMY health bar that they want to get into stores. They are looking for people to back their business and there is only a few days left in their kickstarter campaign.  I wish I could give you an Ever Bar to try...they really are amazingly good.  In a way I wish I never ate one, because now every other granola/health bar pales in comparison. Here's the link, if you're interested in backing this new business. Oh, and watch their video, Kimmie makes an appearance or two. :)

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