Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Emma's first pearls

This past weekend, I attended (and photographed) a first birthday party for an adorable little lady. I'm not kidding...ADORABLE.


I'd been stashing away an idea I'd seen a while back(here)and thought this would be perfect occasion to try it. 

The "pearls" are made by stamping white fabric paint with a pencil eraser for the small pearls and the end of a chapstick container for the larger ones. The flower is simply 5 layers of fabric circles, sewn together with a couple of small beads for the center. The flower was then sewn onto the onesie. 
Kind of fun to do a girly project once in a while!


  1. what an awesome idea!!! make one for Elsie :)

  2. um.. does she need a babysitter?