Wednesday, November 7, 2012

to remember


There are many many things I want to remember about 15 month old you. 

Like how the outdoors invigorates you like nothing else and the way you dance even when there's no music playing. Like how you take your music very seriously, singing and playing your instruments with great determination and concentration...(and how you actually have great rhythm!) Like the way you show us "a steeple" with your fingers when it's time to go to church and how you always run up to your favorites and give them a big warm hug. Like the way you say "peeese!" when you want something and how you swing your arms back and forth repeatedly when you're excited. Like the way you try to communicate with your signs and words and funny little facial expressions.  Like the way you LOVE babies and gently touch them and exclaim "Beebee!" Like the way you look when you know you are being funny and want us to laugh at you...and your uncontrollable giggles. Like when you try your best to repeat the words we say and get so darn proud when you do. Like the way you are constantly exploring and trying to figure out where those noises are coming from or how that works or what button you push to make that happen. Like the way you squeal with delight when kitty lets you pet him and how you try to feed him your food. Like how you insist on helping Papa when he's working on little fix-it jobs around the house. Like the way you sit for a long time quietly looking through your favorite books. Like the way you are always "asking questions" with your inquisitive noises and definitive points. Like the way you fearlessly climb whatever "mountain" or structure you possibly get your hands on. Like how you are happy walking around holding our hands and how you love animals and trying to make their sounds. Like the way you give us those precious, slobbery open-mouth kisses, just because. Like how you continue to be such a personable, outgoing and friendly little fellow, offering your love to those around you with funny gifts (a goldfish, a piece of fuzz, an acorn), hugs, kisses, waves and love tackles. Like how we really can't imagine life without you and how you fit in our family just perfectly.

You are greatly loved, my boy. 

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  1. How lovely. I'm sure he will treasure these when he is older.