Sunday, July 18, 2010




God of my end, it is my greatest, noblest pleasure 
to be acquainted with Thee 
and with my rational, immortal soul; 

it is sweet and entertaining
 to look into my being 
when all my powers and passions
 are united and engaged 
in pursuit of Thee, 
when my soul longs and passionately breathes
 after conformity to Thee 
and the full enjoyment of Thee; 
no hours pass away with so much pleasure 
as those spent in communion with Thee and with my heart.

O how desirable, 
how profitable to the Christian life 
is a spirit of holy watchfulness and godly jealousy
 over myself when my soul is afraid of nothing 
except grieving and offending Thee, 
the blessed God,
 my Father and friend,
 whom I then love and long to please, 
rather than be happy in myself! 

Knowing, as I do,
 that this is the pious temper, 
worthy of the highest ambition, 
and closest pursuit of intelligent creatures 
and holy Christians,
 may my joy derive from glorifying and delighting Thee.

 I long to fill all my time for Thee, 
whether at home or in the way; 
to place all my concerns in Thy hands;
 to be entirely at Thy disposal, 
having no will or interest of my own. 

Help me to live to Thee for ever,
 to make Thee my last and only end, 
so that I may never more in one instance love my sinful self.

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