Wednesday, February 5, 2014

these days...

these days, I'm - 

feeling a bit achy and cumbersome
- rarely without my knitting/crocheting 
- sketching for new art for Lent and ArtSpeak
- plugging through a to-do list a mile long
- amazed at my son's humor, curiosity and vocabulary
- enjoying a snow turtle and snow cave made by my boys on the patio 
- working on tax returns and hoping they are kind to us this year
- scrambling to finish all the projects I want to do with my students before baby time
- excited about my valentine's gift to Bri
- listening to All Sons and Daughters on repeat
- thankful that I get to live with, love on and be loved by my best friend and looking forward to a long overdue date on Friday
- beginning to think more about Levi's education and starting a bit of preschool-y stuff (probably using some "Brightly Beaming Resources" and some God's Little Explorers
- reeling at how soon I'm going to have a daughter in my arms
- pining for spring

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