Thursday, February 20, 2014

a warm and green outing (and some family/maternity photos)

Not sure if I've ever mentioned this here on the blog, but Brian and I lived and taught in downtown Detroit for a year (long story!). One of our favorite memories of our time there was spending time in a big, beautiful and free botanical garden on Belle Isle, which just so happened to be right across the street from us. Our winter in Detroit was a long one for many reasons and it was so nice to be able to go and hang out in a warm place full of tropical plants and flowers whenever we wanted to. Honestly, it did wonders to warm both our bodies and our spirits. 

When I was thinking about activities for this vacation week, one of my biggest goals was to find some lovely warm place like that to spend a little beat some of my winter blues and remind me that spring is indeed on it's way. After a bit of research, I found out that Wellesley College (about an hour away) has quite a large collection of greenhouses/botanical gardens that are free and open to the public. cha-ching!

We invited Brian's brothers and my sister-in-law to join us for the adventure.  We also decided to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings, to take a few maternity/family photos. My sister-in-law, Rachel, brought her camera and managed to get some great shots, despite the antics of an over-tired toddler who wasn't as interested in taking family photos so much as running around the greenhouses like a crazy little imp child. :)

(people-less photos by me, family photos by Rachel James)

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