Tuesday, October 29, 2013

these days

these days, I'm... 

- watching a baby bump grow, thankful for the second trimester
- going on oodles of playdates with my very extroverted toddler
- knitting cuddle sacks like a madwoman, welcoming new babies
- taking video of my husband trying to rake leaves, while Levi runs through and ruins all of his piles
- writing 1st quarter art evaluations
- planning Christmas projects
- noticing Levi's love and gift for music and rhythm; listening to him drum - all.day.long
- supporting my husband during a season of an overload of work and responsibility
- feeling less nauseous
- playing lots of "I Spy"
- packing for an all church retreat
- reading through Galatians and The Jesus Storybook Bible
- studying prayer with the girls
- watching beautiful art being made
- constructing forts and running in hay mazes
- trying to stay warm; layering more clothes and blankets
- looking forward to visiting the grandparents and aunts/uncles on Thursday in our Halloween finest
- enjoying the last days of one of my very favorite months of the year

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