Thursday, October 10, 2013

buddy reunion

These boys have been buddies since Levi was just a few weeks old. They hung out together a couple days a week for 2 years while their mamas took turns teaching classes. This year, Evan is in pre-school, so they don't get to hang out nearly as often. A couple times last week, Levi looked longingly out the window and said "Wheeeeere's my Evan?". So, Evan's mom and I decided to make things right and get together for a nice long playdate at a fancy new playground. They were so excited to see each other and followed each other around happily all morning. Buddies are the best.     

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  1. Buddies ARE the best! What a fun, sweet time for these boys. Evan and I both had such a great time with you guys...and boy, did he nap well that afternoon! (c;