Monday, October 14, 2013

Operation Autumn List: A Day at the Topsfield Fair

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the Topsfield Fair; it's the oldest fair in the country and one of my very favorite fall activities. Brian is never terribly excited about going, but every year I drag him and every year he ends up wondering what on earth he was thinking (ok, maybe that's going too far, but he always enjoys it!) Now that we have a curious and excitable toddler in tow, it's even more fun.  Levi was beyond excited and couldn't stop asking questions and making amazed faces at all of the animals, gigantic pumpkins, carnival rides and games, and of course the crazy people lighting themselves on fire and diving into a 10 foot pool from 30 feet (!!). Oh yes, it happened. We also indulged in our fair share of fair food- a turkey dinner, a loaded baked potato and my personal favorite, maple cotton candy. We met up with some church friends and even ran into my parents, helping out with the Gideon's booth. Levi spent some time handing out pocket Bibles with his Grampy and "helping" Grammy with the coffee. 

We've been doing our best to make the most of these beautiful October days and this weekend we're checking tons of things off of our Autumn List. Today we'll spend the day up north enjoying the foliage on the beautiful Kancamangus Highway. Oh, delicious autumn!

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