Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013: Curious George and the Man (and Woman!) with the Yellow Hats

Hope you all had a fun Halloween! Not unlike the last two years, we had a pretty low-key night. We got dressed up and stopped at my sister's house and then at both sets of Grandparents' houses to show off our costumes and indulge in a couple pieces of candy. Levi was definitely more into the festivities than he has ever been, which was fun. We still haven't done any real trick or treating as of yet, but he was more than happy to see some of his favorite people, act like a monkey, yell "trick or treat!" and ingest more sugar than he ever has in his life. As I write, it's 2 hours past his bedtime and he's still in his crib talking the ears off of his stuffed animals. ;)

This year, I thought I'd dress him up as one of his favorite storybook characters, Curious George. We love reading those books together and Levi often reminds me of a curious little monkey. Brian's costume was easy to decide on, of course he would be the Man with the Yellow Hat.  There aren't any main female characters in the books, so I settled on being The Man with the Yellow Hat's long lost love, The Woman with the Yellow Hat. Totally made up, but kind of cute and fun. 



-The recipe for the George hat is THIS earflap hat pattern + the ears from THIS pattern.

-For George's tail, I chained 10 and double crocheted around until it was the length I wanted (about a foot?) then decreased and closed it off. I just safety pinned it to the back of his pants. 

-Brown clothes, we already owned. 

"The Man with the Yellow Hat"

-I cut out a simple tie with yellow felt and glued on some polka dots with black felt.

- With the rest of the black felt, I cut a band to put around a yellow fabric hat that I found at "Party City".  

- He wore a yellow shirt, khaki pants and his black rubber boots. 

"The Woman with the Yellow Hat"

- I wore clothes I already owned; black skirt and boots, yellow shirt and yellow sunhat. 

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