Friday, August 30, 2013

camp crafts - a crochet rope rug for Kimmie

I was able to do quite a bit of crafting on our camping trip. With so many willing and able hands to entertain Levi, I figured I'd take advantage of some time when MY hands were relatively free. 

After crocheting that little rug with old sheets last year (seen HERE), I had the idea that I could probably crochet a rug in a similar way with rope.  A quick google search and I found out that other people had the same idea and even posted some patterns for me (bless their hearts!). I went to the only little convenience store near our camp and found thick cotton clothesline that looked perfect for the project.  500 ft of it later, I had myself a rug. The woman at the counter definitely gave me the side eye as I kept coming back in 2 or 3 times for more rope.

My first rope rug was given to my sister Kimmie for her birthday, along with some of my black and white nautical-themed photographs to hang in her new apartment at school. I love how this project turned out and I'm thinking one or two of these might be perfect for my bedroom... 

(I used THIS pattern - although I must admit that I didn't the right sized hook or rope, so needed to tweak quite a bit of this so that it lay flat.)
Today Kimmie is heading off to start her last semester of college. We'll miss her like crazy...but we're thankful it's Pennsylvania and not, say, Rwanda or Thailand. :)

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