Wednesday, August 28, 2013

deck make-over

The little deck on the top of the steps to the second floor has never been used in any capacity other than that very thing- getting to the second floor.  There's always been a planter or two, but other than that, it was wasted space.  

A few weeks ago, I decided to see if our small patio set would fit up on the deck.  We rarely used it where it was, so there was no hurt in trying it out somewhere else.  Surprisingly enough, it fit perfectly and we instantly had what felt like a new "room" to enjoy.  

I bought a cheap (but gorgeous!) outdoor woven mat to make it a little more home-y and filled the old flower boxes.  A candle lantern and houseplant on the table and we were set. 

I've also been wanting to add a screen door for a while now and when I starting researching prices, I realized that you could get an unfinished wooden one for a measly $20 at Home Depot. SO worth it. Now we can leave the door open and let in the breeze. It also gives Levi the ability to go in and out and I can monitor him from the kitchen if he wants to play outside on the deck. 

With the Sea Kettle being a relatively cozy little house, it's been fun to take advantage of some new space and have a new place to read, eat meals and least until winter sets in!

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