Monday, August 19, 2013

these days

these days, I'm -

- unpacking from a fabulous week in the woods and washing dirt and "campfire" out of piles of clothes
- sorting through 1,000+ family camping pictures (and hoping a blog post or two will be ready this week!)
- going to the occasional teaching training, classroom set-up, student orientation day at work
- making art class materials lists and putting finishing touches on curriculum and syllabi 
- trying my darndest to complete the last few things on my summer list
- thinking about potty training
- relishing a new-ish resolution to be an earlier morning riser
- reading another round of Piper and Galatians 
- crocheting rope rugs and making doily bunting for our bedroom 
- answering cute little "whyyyyyyy?"s
- knitting up bunches of baby cuddle sacks
- preparing for a new tenant
- finishing a summer-long house organizing spree
- thankful for a quick visit from one of my Yemen girls
- enjoying birthday celebrations
- making the most of the last days of summer and thankful for such a full and happy one

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