Thursday, December 27, 2012


Outside my window... remnants of a very windy and very rainy winter storm (that I secretly not so secretly wish was snow..I can barely wait to take Levi sledding!)
I am thankful... for these slow and restful vacation days, for family get togethers, dates and lots of eager babysitters, for time to putter around the house, watch movies, read, knit and play.
I am thinking... about starting a painting or two in the morning  
In the kitchen...there is way too much candy. 
I am wearing...a new sweater from Kimmie, my Mom-made wedding quilt and a new haircut.
I am creating...a second go at this scarf, because I just LOVE it (with less itchy yarn!)
I am to be a firm and loving's getting to be that time. Heaven, help me.
I am reading... ok, let's be honest, I'm reading "Cat in the Hat", "The Foot Book", "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb" and "Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site"...impressive, I know.
I am hoping (and praying)... that Dad's daily treatments are successful with few side effects, for full healing, that God would be glorified in this suffering

I am looking forward to...getting a tax refund (i think?) and taking a continuing ed course in February at a nearby art school; learning some new techniques, especially working with encaustics.  and spring. I'm definitely looking forward to spring. 
I am hearing...the sweet sound of strumming and the writing of a new song
Around the house...the christmas project tornado is mostly tidied, dishes and laundry are finally getting done, and of course some new fun toys and gadgets are sprinkled around the Kettle

I am pondering... which new warm and hearty crockpot recipe to cook tomorrow
A few plans for the rest of the week...
- a giant grocery run, the cupboards are bare
- experimenting with some new camera equipment, making a DIY soft box
- dinner and perhaps a settlers match with my BFF and Co.
- craft/art room organization
- thinking about new church art for our new space, make plans for an arts festival this spring
- starting a new (more grown-up) book
- January lesson plans

Goodnight friends, I'll be back on Monday with a week chock full of project posts! 

(prompts from The Simple Woman's Daybook) 

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  1. Another lovely post. I remember fondly when my reading material was on the younger end of the scale. I secretly sneak a read in every now and then of the odd children's story book.

    Fond memories.

    Enjoy your weekend.