Tuesday, December 18, 2012


There are plans in the works to start 3 new big paintings after Christmas (two wedding gifts and a commission) but in the meantime, I've found a bit of time here and there to do a couple of quick little pieces for pre-Christmas gift swaps.

1. Derby Wharf lighthouse (just down the street) for an ornament exchange. Painted on a small piece of round wood, small hole drilled (by the Mr. - thank you, Mr.) and a ribbon.

2. Two kitties in a sink, painted for a student on a 3"x3" canvas and given at my middle school art classes' secret Santa gift exchange.


  1. Oh, my...what talent you have. Your beautiful soul just shines through in your art.

  2. How did you get it up those stairs?

  3. So you can just ignore the comment I posted above. Somehow I wanted to comment on your piano post, and it skipped here without me knowing it. Now I can't delete it :-)