Thursday, December 20, 2012

merry christmas to us!

At a family Christmas party on Sunday, my great Aunt mentioned that her friend was looking to get rid of a piano...and did anyone want it? Like, for free? ..Um, YES! 

The 96 year old woman is moving on January 1st and needed it out asap, so we quickly juggled around some furniture and gathered strong and willing men of the family for the big move...and by Monday night, we had ourselves a piano. Not only did we acquire a beautiful piano in great shape and recently tuned, but also a lovely hand-stitched piano bench, a lamp with a handmade lampshade and a large pile of vintage piano books.

I do not think she could not have given this instrument to a more appreciative family. We've barely stopped play her.  It's the very first thing Levi wants to do when he wakes up; I've been slowly dusting off my chops and muddling through the Christmas carol book; Brian's been practicing Bach's Invention #1 after Levi goes down for bed(show-off.); even Dmitri enjoys sitting on his new perch.

My mom is a pianist and my siblings and I all played, so growing up my house was always filled with piano music. I'm so very happy that Sea Kettle will sound the same. And perhaps Grammy will give Levi some lessons in the not too distant future? 


  1. This is so wonderful! Can't wait for a James family recital!

  2. So jealous. I want a piano too! Does your great Aunt have a second one to get rid of? And tell Brian it's all about Invention #8. Or was it #4? ~Annie

  3. Wow, he looks like he knows what to do :-D