Monday, April 2, 2012

we welcome you here

Hosanna, hosanna 
You are the God Who saves us, 
worthy of all our praises 
Hosanna, hosanna 
Come have Your way among us 
We welcome You here, Lord Jesus 
- P. Baloche

- holy week
- april fools and the old tape-on-the-sink-sprayer-gag
- a fun and successful bridal shower tea for Katie
- an artful afternoon with Kirsten (and baby Elliott almost here!)
- Maundy Thursday meditations
- when Brian leads worship
- texts from Philly
- the Englers finally moved to Salem and in my neighborhood to boot
- Levi's "MA!" exclamations
- Auntie Jasmine here! for a week!
- Levi being loved on by his Great (in more ways than one) Grandmas

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