Thursday, April 12, 2012

maundy monoprints

I believe that I have been designated for this work by God...
I work out of love for God and I put all my hope in Him.

I've probably mentioned here and there that Brian and I are part of a team planting a church in Salem this spring (Highrock North Shore).  We are very excited to be a part of a church family nestled right in our neighborhood. Walk to church? Yes, please!  

One exciting aspect to this church is their enthusiasm for and commitment to artists and musicians. Brian is going to lead worship and I am co-leading the Creative Arts Ministry.  I can't tell you how excited we both are to be able to use our gifts in this context. It has always been my desire to create art for the edification of the local church. It can be a rare thing for a protestant church, in particular, to be so committed to the visual arts. 

While we are officially launching in May, we had a Maundy Thursday service last week where we ate together, had communion and celebrated Christ's commandment "Love one another as I have loved you". The Creative Arts Ministry was asked if there were ways that we could participate in this service. My co-leader, Kirsten and I decided to spend an afternoon creating a monoprint for each table inspired by the last supper, the foot washing and crucifixion. Another member of our team created some forsythia arrangements which complimented the monoprints and royal purple table cloths, splendidly.  

With a successful debut under our belt, we are busy working on planning monthly gatherings of Christian artists, art to coincide with each sermon series and a big art/music show next spring!  


  1. Awesome, Kerrie! So exciting!

  2. Wow. Music, art, ministry, marriage... Praise God! I'm thrilled to hear about how this is all coming together. And I LOVE seeing what you create, so thanks for posting. :) :) (A little painting of a coffee mug sits in my kitchen and reminds me of you often). ::hugs::