Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Project Round Up: Movie Night in a Box

Are you ready for the great Christmas project round-up of 2011? Ready or not, here I come! Perhaps you can tuck away a few of these ideas for next year.

Let's begin with a fun little "experience-in-a-box" gift that I put together for my family members. Last year one of the couples in our small group gave us "Red-Box Gift Certificates", which was just a dollar and a cute card. I thought I would expand the concept and add some popcorn, candy and some post-movie discussion questions (courtesy of english-teacher-question-maker-extraordinare-husband). Here's how I made 'em - 


Other details you might find helpful:

- here is the recipe I used and printed for the caramel popcorn
- I used baseball card protectors for my redbox "gift certificate" and discussion questions.
- below are the discussion questions we came up with:
What did you enjoy about the movie? What did you dislike?
What character did you relate to most? Why?
What was the movie's central theme? Did you agree with the director's treatment of it?
Was the movie's conclusion satisfying? If not, imagine a more satisfying conclusion. 

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