Saturday, December 10, 2011

a bonus weekend treat - My Christmas "Miracle"

A true tale from the Kettle...

The other day Levi and I were waiting for Brian to get home from work.  We were playing in the living room when all of the sudden I hear knocking.  I think that I must be imagining things or maybe it's the  washer or dryer making a funny noise.  Then again, 3 distinct knocks that were unmistakably coming from the front door.  Now I'm thinking "Brian must have misplaced his keys or his hands are full..I'd better go let him in". So I go to the door and open the curtain to see who's there. There is literally a squirrel hanging upside down on my wreath knocking on the door with what looks like a gingerbread cookie!! WHAT?! He sees me, I run to get my camera even though I'm sure that he'll be gone when I get back. But no, he's still hanging there, just looking at me through the window with his cookie. 

What does this mean!?

(for some reason Brian doesn't think this is as amazing as I isn't every day a squirrel seemingly purposefully knocks on your door with a Christmas cookie for pete's sake!)


  1. That is so wonderfully amazing!

  2. How neat! The only bit of interest with the squirrels around here are the mystical BLACK ones and ORANGE ones in addition to the run of the mill gray ones!

  3. I think this story is amazing! And it's so cool that he actually "hung" around to let you get a picture so you had evidence :)