Monday, October 10, 2011

unveil Thy beauties

Thou lovely source of true delight
Whom I unseen adore
Unveil Thy beauties to my sight
That I might love Thee more,
Oh that I might love Thee more.

- Anne Steele "Thou Lovely Source of True Delight"

Thankful, for 

- a weekend away with friends
- beautiful fall weather
- Little Evan, finding Levi's "nose", and rocking him to sleep
- my boys' warm bodies on chilly nights
- students exclamations of realizations
- Levi's noises - happy, sad, confused, excited - each and every.
- every single sweet smile
- autumn walks around Salem and the hustle and bustle of the city in October.
- beauties, unveiled
- this handsome boy and his developing personality..


  1. i literally just went "awwww" out loud. He is the sweetest boy alive and he looks just like his parents :)

  2. i agree with kimmie - he is SO ADORABLE. i can't believe he is smirking and his cute little cheeks!! eekk