Monday, October 3, 2011

All things new

Come broken and weary. 
Come battered and bruised. 
My Jesus makes all things new... 

Come lost and abandoned. 
Come blown by the wind. 
He’ll bring you back home again..

Rise up, oh you sleeper, awake,
the light of the dawn is upon you
Rise up, oh you sleeper, awake,
he makes all things new. 
- Andrew Peterson


- fall exploding! (Brian's words)
- Levi in his bear hat
- my husband, falling asleep with his ukelele in his arms
- our sleep-in days
- special treats from special friends
- Chad and George on percussion
- Brian's sermon
- not 1, but 2 upcoming friend retreats!

-Visiting my old haunts..
-the boys, finally getting to meet the long-awaited baby!
- seeing dear friends and co-workers
-Joseph's sweet exclamations
- Tanner's tenderness
-Connor's heart-shaped shell gift and funny observations
-Erik's baby composition notebook and reports of a mended friendship

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad you got to take your little guy to meet the boys! I bet they were happy to see you. It's fun to see them holding him.