Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Friend Retreat 2011 - Bantum Lake, Connecticut

A cozy cabin, a reunion of the dearest of friends, warm fall days, sweet baby cousins, precarious sunfish sails and rescues(and repeat), friendship bracelets and matching hats, early morning knitting, neck-in-neck Settlers of Catan, hilarious rounds of "Psychiatrist", baby in a hammock, birthday cupcakes for all, Awkward Family Photos, homemade mysteries, warm hugs, hearty meals and deep chuckles, all to the tune of a banjo and a ukelele.  

..just some memories I'll always keep from Friend Retreat 2011...
(photo by Brenna)
(photo by Rachel)

'till next year, no?


  1. looks like a wonderful weekend! what area were you guys in?

  2. Next year, for sure!

    Great collection of photos to tell the story of the weekend :) I love that you got Brian and Caroline's banjo dance party.

  3. hey Aubyn, just edited my title...we were at Bantum Lake in Connecticut. Been thinking of you, wished I could have seen you on Monday!

    Thanks, Rachel. :)

  4. Awesome weekend, great people, wonderful pics :) I love the banjo photo- also the one where Caroline is sneaking a peak at Levi from around the corner of the coffee table. Such cute cousins.

  5. What a gooooooood time! I love love love Settlers of Catan!