Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Art Date

These days Brian and I enjoy planning impromptu "dates" while the baby sleeps. Although we'd probably still be spending time together during Levi's little naps, calling it a "date" makes it seem much more important and precious. (And you can't do laundry or the dishes on a date, now can you?!)

The other day we had an art-date inspired by a little trinket we saw at a flea market on Sunday. It was a rock, about the size of a fist and it had a little wooden lighthouse stuck to it. It was very simple, but this little "rock island" was so charming that Brian and I decided that we MUST make our own. 

We started out by picking out some nicely shaped rocks on the coast of Marblehead during our family outing on Labor Day.
On the way home, we stopped at the craft story for some moss, twine and small wooden sticks for building. At home, we already had a glue gun and other little beads, wire, fabric and sculpey.
As soon as the little one was a-snoozing, we went to work; we used the moss for foliage, the wooden sticks for structures and twine and beads for other tiny details. Sculpey is a great material to use, since you can build almost anything out of it and all you have to do it stick it in the oven for a few minutes to harden. I used it to make little houses for my island and then I painted them with some acrylic paint. Everything was attached with a glue gun. 

And viola!
my island was somewhat inspired by Monhegan Island
which is one of my very favorite places to enjoy the beauty of New England
Brian's is still a work in progress, but I'm loving his landscape, so far. And his moss so very finely manicured. :) 
Our 2 hour nap-time-date was a huge success 
and we didn't mind a bit when our date had to end.

Because it just so happened to end with 
this cute little sleepy face of love. 


  1. Wowee, Kerrie, that's amazing! What a charming idea. And I'm so glad that you and Brian have carried your artful and joyful spirit into being parents. I bet Levi was happy to wake up to his wonderful parents.

  2. They are charming and adorable. I might try the kid version with my guys. The three of you are such a treat to "visit" with.

  3. Sweet!! That looks so fun!