Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Art Room Diaries - Identity Boxes

I always like to start the year off with a project that helps all of us get to know each other better. It's also a way for the kids to express their individuality and personal creative style. For my high school class, I came up with an "Identity Box" project.  I was partly inspired by trying to find other ways to use my husband's collection of empty Altoid boxes (remember how he stashes these away in his school desk like a crazy person?) I did manage to convince him to part with a few of them, but I ended up letting the kids use boxes of other shapes and sizes, if they wanted to. The project was very open ended, but I gave them guiding questions to think about, such as:

* What are some important things about you? What makes up your identity? (Family? Friends? Hobbies? Faith? Character traits?)

*What kind of images or symbols could portray those characteristics?

*Will the inside of your box be as important (or more) important than the outside? How will you use the sides? The bottom?

*What types of tool and materials will you need to portray your symbols and characteristics?

I also made my own identity box, in hopes to inspire...
Here are some of the students' work. Their boxes really excited me!  I'm so blessed to be working with such a dynamic, creative bunch. I know we're going to have a great year together. 


  1. these boxes are amazing! thanks for sharing! it is so amazing to see what kids do when given an idea and then allowed to soar-good stuff :) praying for you and your sweet one-the joys of being mommy: never having a clean house, wondering what you did with "all that extra time" before, being exhausted, loving a pony-tail, amen to the shower as a vacation! realizing that smell is you (oh I had that moment!)...but yes, so so so worth it. Little noses, toes, chubby fingers, coos, smiles, sweet smells (and even not so sweet smells that you'll find yourself talking about with others!) Our God is so good :)

  2. thanks, Bree! I must give the credit to the kids...they took the reigns and ran with it! Thanks for the encouragement....it helps to know I'm not the only one! :)