Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Summer's End at The Rock

Speaking of the happy couple, we spent the weekend at Matt's family's house up on Lake Winnipesaukee for what felt like a wonderful last hurrah of summertime. "The Rock" is a house on its very own island and a most perfect getaway retreat. Our family enjoyed a relaxing mini-vacation; boating, kayaking, grilling, gaming, sun-bathing, baby-cuddling, fire-pitting...ahhh. 
Approaching "The Rock"
Levi and Grammy

Uncle Jonathan loves his Levi time...
gorgeous full moon over Winnipesaukee
nap time with Auntie Kate (not sure why she's pouting!)
Mommy trying to be all "Anne Geddes" on Levi
Our sweet little "turtle boy"
(actually I think it's a Snapper shell...oops)

on the boat home...
'till next time!
We went home happy!


  1. gorgeous photos! looks like you had such a nice and relaxing time!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Glad the fam. could come :) ... and I wasn't pouting with Levi - that was my "he is so adorable" face.