Thursday, August 25, 2011

Half as Hard and Twice as Good

There are times in life, especially during those big life events (like having a baby, for instance..) when you are especially thankful for those in your life who support you, encourage you, celebrate with you, make you dinner, send you cards, shower you with gifts, are there when you need them, who show you love - no matter what.

We've been blessed with so many family and friends like this. 
Thanks for making life "half as hard and twice as good"... 


  1. What a great song...the first line made me tear's been such a bittersweet summer for us, but we feel the love from our friends and family too!! Thanks for sharing! I'm glad you are surrounded in love too!

  2. Caroline, I was kind of thinking that you might enjoy this song. Praying for you, friend! :)