Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hanging Vintage Vases

(this post has been a picture-less draft since August..Whoops! I was finally inspired to photograph this lovely husband-made project when I received some Valentine roses to grace it. Better late than never?)

This set of hanging vases was a birthday present from Brian this year. A while back we noticed some bottles hanging on wire in a shop window up in Maine. We both commented that 1. it was awesome AND 2. that we could totally make that. I had forgotten about it until I opened up my birthday gift while we were camping this summer. I pulled out what was an even more awesome version than the one we saw and better yet, it was handmade by my husband. Pretty much the perfect gift for a girl like me. 

This is so simple, it doesn't need much of a tutorial, but I'll let you know what he did.  He began by collecting six vintage bottles from some antique/flea market type places. We like the mismatched look, but you could easily find some that are all the same size and shape at your local arts/crafts store. Next, he created a loop with strong but thin wire at the top for hanging and then spaced out the bottles, having them alternately hang on the right and the left. The wire was wrapped around each bottle 3-4 times so make sure your bottles have sufficient lips, so it doesn't slip off. 

In the spring/summer (and at Valentines!), I fill these with fresh flowers and this winter they've been holding some long-lasting dried eucalyptus. Simple to put together and a lovely and unexpected way to add some natural beauty to your home.

(Thanks again, sweetie!)

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