Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Easter Garden 2014

This year's Easter garden was especially fun to make.  At the beginning of Lent, spring usually hasn't quite sprung so it feels good to buy some plants and get our hands in the dirt. Also, it was the first time that Levi could really help in a meaningful way. He did a good amount of the plant choosing and planting and he's just starting to understand what Lent/Easter is all about(in whatever ways a two-year old can!).  

It's been a cooooold March so far, so it was incredibly nice to spend some time in the warm and sunny greenhouses and choosing a couple of small plants for our garden.  Levi also enjoyed finding hidden watering cans, filling them in fountains and then watering all of the plants.  

When we got home, Levi was overjoyed to have some dirt to play in and he filled our pot happily and carefully. As we planted our plants, we talked about Easter...the cross and the tomb.  As I try to explain in 2 year old language, he looked a little confused (death? cross? they put him in a rock?!).. nevertheless, he gets the basics. Jesus loves me and even though he died, he came back to life and that's good news! 


  1. Hi Kerrie - I periodically peek in on your little world - sounds like your days (and belly!) are full. I was wondering if you could fill me in on the greenhouse you frequent? I'd love to take my little guy on a similar outing... Thanks!
    Kim (Ironside)

  2. Well, hello! So, we went to Kanes Flower World in Peabody this time. It's big enough for some good running around and there was no one there, so we had the run of the place...and there are cats, which are a great bonus. :) If you want another good place, we recently went to Wellesley College Botanical Gardens. It's free and a lot of fun!