Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Salem Abstracted #2

I'm very happy to report that the commission that I've been working on for many months is finished and nestled (or hung, I guess) safely in it's owners home. The idea behind it was similar to my first abstracted Salem painting (seen here) - a fragmented, cubist portrayal of our city, showing the old and new, the layers and clusters of homes and buildings that fill our neighborhoods. 

My first piece was titled "In Salem as it is in Heaven" and I'd like to think that this work also has the feeling of light breaking through darkness. I had a blast working on this but I'm relieved to have finally finished. Now to start on a couple late wedding gift paintings!



  1. Beautiful!!! Can't wait to see it in the Smidts house!

  2. SO pretty and SO proud you are my friend :)

  3. I love the effect of letting the darks creep from behind the lights... it's just enough! Congrats, hard work has paid off, it's a beautiful piece Kerrie!