Wednesday, September 4, 2013

a date night diary

(I'm afraid a few more less-than-ideal iphone pics may be in this blog's future...Sure, I'm loving the convenience of the iphone, but I'll always prefer my nikon!)

It seemed a little crazy. A date in the middle of the week, after a tiring (but great!) first day of school at one job and the night before my first day of school at my second job.  I mean, I still had seating charts to figure out and piles of paper strips to cut. And honestly, I wasn't feeling that great. And Levi didn't nap, so he'd probably be cranky for whoever babysat him..blah, blah, blah. 

Crazy, sure, but also perfect and just what I needed.  Brian's a pro at listening to my list of hesitations and gently reminding me how much fun we'll have and how it always helps to just get out and do something. I'm usually smart enough to comply and it turns out that he's always right. 

We headed to the next town over where we spent some time perusing a quirky bookstore and then walked next door to a newly renovated theater for dinner and a movie. It's a cute little cinema (2 screens, I think) and you can even have your dinner and/or dessert served to you while you watch the movie. (oh and did I mention that my date wore a bow-tie? He did and it was awesome.) 

And now look at me. It's only 10pm and I've been on a lovely date, finished seating charts, cut piles of paper and I even have time for a blog post. Not bad. :)

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