Thursday, September 12, 2013


According to my husband, it's the season we're in. Almost fall or "fallmost". The school year has begun, some leaves are even changing color, but I also sweated through my art classes this morning, some summer flowers are still in bloom and the AC units are running around the clock in my house. The seasons are definitely in flux. 
Despite the recent September heat wave, I've started writing my "Autumn List", the knitting needles are back out in earnest, scarves and vests have been dug out of the back of the closet and I'm dreaming about apple crisp and drinking pumpkin spiced anythings.
The last couple of weeks have been a doozy, mostly just beginning of the school year stuff, but I'm looking forward to things dying down a bit in the coming weeks and getting back into a rhythm of sorts. For now, I'm trying to enjoy and savor the wonderful season of fallmost with my favorites.


  1. I'm greatly enjoying fallmost and looking forward to full fall, as well! What a lovely evening. Was that at Lynch Park?

  2. I'm looking forward to fall, too, but it's definitely still summer here! Hope you guys are well :)

  3. I think that was the longest we hadn't heard from you on your blog! I was excited to see this one to say the least ;) XOXO