Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Anniversary Trip: Monhegan Island Edition

Pictures don't do this place justice. It's not just the look of the place that makes it so wonderful, it's also the feel and sound of it.  No cars (just a truck or two to help people transport stuff around the island), astounding silence, beautiful vistas, my kind of hiking trails (not terribly long and not terribly treacherous, ending in a beautiful place I can either photograph or paint), artists painting en plein aire all over the island, fairy houses filling the woods. If New England winters didn't exist, we'd probably be packing our bags to stay. :)

During this trip we picnicked, hiked, sketched and painted and just sat for hours enjoying the slow pace of the island and remembering the last 7 years and what we hope for the future. 

We try to treat our anniversary like the "New Year's Day" of our marriage. We talk about how things are going, what we love and appreciate about each other, our favorite memories and what we could do better for each other and our family for the coming year. This year we even read through a few months of our sometimes daily(!)letters to each other from the 4 years we dated. Although it's very weird to say, we were deeply encouraged by our former selves and rereading those letters were a sweet and timely reminder of where all of this began. 

(see photos from our last trip HERE. Eerily similar..we even sat in the exact same place on the boat. I guess the island and I never change!)

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