Monday, May 16, 2011


I'm thankful....

-for warm, spring weather
- for new growth in the garden
- Kimmie home for the summer
- my Nana sharing her car, while we look for a new one
- a shiny new (old) car!
- for small group prayers
- for a student's daily smile and enthusiastic question "How's that baby?!"
- for our huge and yummy teacher appreciation lunch
- for Brian, and his sympathy belly (and his humor)


  1. Beautiful blog,beautiful gifts.

  2. Haha, loving the sympathy belly. Nothing like a godly man with a sense of humor. You are blessed.

  3. My first time stopping by, your blog is beautiful and I love the symapthy belly as well. What a guy :)! My husband and I met in New England, I love the history and homes of the 1800 there as well. Blessing for you on your adventure of motherhood. Rest now, for sleep is fleeting.

  4. I haven't been by in a while...congrats on the pregnancy!!!

  5. Thanks everyone! Hope you all have a blessed week!