Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sea Kettle Studios - Spring Watercolor Sessions - Volume 1

Remember these talented artists?  Last year, they learned to paint on canvas in Sea Kettle Studios. We all got rather busy and decided to take a break, but this spring we are getting together again to paint with watercolors.   

For our first lesson, we experimented with different ways of using our chosen medium. We practiced such techniques as wet-in-wet, glazing, even and graduated washes, dry brush and stippling. Then, we used salt, sponges, plastic wrap and cardboard to create interesting textures.  We had such fun playing and experimenting and we now have a loaded "tool box" of techniques to use in our future paintings. Watch out (art) world!
 Dmitri had to get in on the action. Nosy little kitty.  


  1. Dmitri fur could provide a new texture technique :)

  2. I JUST did my first water color last weekend... I think I need to take your class.

  3. Rachel - YES. :) Next lesson...
    Brittney, that's wonderful! You should post a picture soI can see! Next time you're in MA, I'll definitely give you a lesson. :)

  4. Thanks :o) it was kind of a family project... we gave it to my mom for her birthday. I'll take a picture the next time I'm over there. I seriously have no idea what I'm doing with watercolors... I'd love a teacher, wanna take a trip to california?