Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kitty and Baby

We've been wondering recently whether Dmitri has some sort of weird cat intuition that knows that there is a baby coming. As I've gotten more and more pregnant he's started following me around everywhere, being generally more needy than ever, kneading on my belly and crying when I go outside to the garden or even into the bathroom without him.  Am I going to have to deal with "sibling" jealousy with a cat?! 

Oh, and he's gonna have a rude awakening when he finds out his comfy new bed is actually a crib for the baby...poor kitty. 


  1. I am intrigued by the (batik?) artwork on your shirt and want to see the full picture. Maybe you can wear it when you write your next love letter to Sweet Baby James :-)

  2. Yes, I love this shirt. It is funny, it's actually a screenprint, but done on the inside of the shirt, so it gives the outside of it a cool effect. I'll definitely wear it for this week's picture!

  3. Poor Dmitri! Hopefully, in time he'll learn to love his new little friend. And if he feels lonely, maybe he can hang out with brother Chris instead.