Saturday, November 1, 2014

Giving thanks again...

(I think it's been a few months since I've listed the things I'm thankful for in this space. Once I got out of the habit, it was hard to get back into it. My bible study was recently discussing/practicing the discipline of listing thanks and I was inspired to get back to my 7 year long list, and it IS the season for giving thanks, so here goes...)

Giving thanks, for - 

- a fresh new month
- the colorful autumn world
- Psalm 23 - the hunkering down, cloistering in 
- a warm and cozy home in which to hibernate
- finding in-between times to work on projects
- candles, soft lamps and twinkle lights
- when Levi and Magnolia just look at each other and start to giggle
- nap drives and coffee "breaks"
- Magnolia - her constant happiness, her soft cuddliness, her scrunchie nosed smile, her excited shrieks and bounces, her hugs and kisses. 
- Levi - his good questions, his hip hop dances, his special love for "pappy", his book narration, our candle lit breakfasts while sister sleeps, his love for his sister. 
- my small group
- Brian unknowingly answering his phone during his English class and me being able to listen to him teach an entire (amazing!) lesson on imagery.
- last minute late-ish night coffee dates
- a successful refinance
- Levi's sugary sweetness when he's sick
- Monday dinners with my family
- our museum
- 2 legitimate, kid-less dates in a week
- friends to learn and play with
- late night guitar by the hearth
- visiting with Lisa and Alex, and sweet gifts and treats from England
- an exceptionally yummy vegan dinner with friends (coconut ice cream!)
- back and forth blessing texts  
- an elementary art project that I thought was going to bomb but came out exceptionally beautifully
- a bit last minute, but pretty cute family costumes made only from leftover scraps of yarn, buttons and felt. 
- lots of fall adventures, exploring beautiful New England with family and friends, one trip at a time

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