Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Yemen Girl Reunion at Wind Whistle Farm, Maine

Thankful for safe travels and life-long friends picking up right where we left off, a big cozy cabin in Maine to relax and play, a plethora of wonderfully wild little boys (especially the toddler "twins", Levi and Alistair) and a sweet baby girl to cuddle, Levi meeting some of his Yemeni aunties for the first time, prayer and encouragement, yummy meals, ice cream, heart to hearts, five henna-ed hands, wildflower walks, teaching our kids the crazy games we used to play, late nights talks, strategy games (and finally a win!), a big ol' 30th birthday party with strawberry shortcake, Canadian chocolate and matching pendants, Lobster dinner with just the girls, a day at the lake, soccer games, Yemeni breakfast, Kaden's pictures, memories retold and relived, a Salem walk, burgers and accidental "adult" milkshakes, naked little boys happy in the ocean, the sweetest time of reunion and reconnection some of my nearest and dearest. 

(also, thanks to Brian and 9 year old Kaden for some of the photos!)

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