Tuesday, June 3, 2014

these days...

these days I'm....

- walking more confidently in my AFO brace, totally ditching the walker and almost never using my cane
- oh-so-slowly regaining toe and ankle movement
- trying not to get anxious about the whens and ifs of full recovery (according to the neurologist, I should be "cautiously optimistic" about a full recovery in "many" months.)
- going to physical therapy about 3 times a week with a kind and optimistic doctor.
- figuring out how to keep a toddler and baby occupied and me sane while we are homebound this summer
- doing exercises in my mind that I can't do yet with my foot
- wishing my baby would stay just the way she is forever and soaking in everything about newborn Magnolia
- bursting with pride watching Levi be such a doting and helpful big brother. 
- glad that Brian is able to go back to work and thankful for the time he spent selflessly taking care of his family 24/7. He really wasn't kidding when he vowed to take care of me "in sickness and in health"...also enjoying nightly foot rubs.
- transitioning surprisingly well to being a family of four and so happy that me and my boys have a sweet little Magnolia to love and care for.
- grateful for the time spent living at my parents house and glad to be back in the Sea Kettle; spending lots of time cleaning, organizing and preparing activities and scheduling outings for Levi
- writing my summer list
-overwhelmed (in a good way) by the many visits, prayers, texts, calls, emails and meals from family and friends.
- thankful for the many obvious and not-so-obvious blessings of this time.

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