Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Brother Sister Love

I wasn't prepared for how early Levi and Magnolia would start to form a special sibling relationship. I guessed that Levi would be very excited to meet his sister (he talked a lot about her when she was in my belly), but I assumed the excitement and novelty would wear off pretty quickly. I also assumed that it would be a while (months?) before Maggie would start to respond to him or care if he was around. Boy, was I wrong. 2 months in and it is clear that these two really love each other.

When Levi wakes up in the morning, he runs into our bedroom and exclaims in his high-pitched only-for-Maggie-voice "Where's my Mags?!". He gives her countless kisses and lays next to her, coddling her and "interpreting" her coos. If she fusses, he exclaims "She's saying she needs me...I'm coming, Maggie". He asks to hold her many times a day almost every time he sees her, he rushes over to talk to her or kiss her cheek, legs, arms or toes. If she seems upset, he covers her gently with his blankey (he KNOWS the healing power of the blankey). When a visitor is in the house, he whispers to me that he wants them to see "his baby". He is so proud of her.

Magnolia has already started showing affection for her brother, too. She bears (and possibly enjoys?) his not-always-gentle toddler-boy forms of affection. No one makes her smile like Levi does and she looks around for him when she catches a glimpse of him or hears his voice. There is no one who showers her with more love than her brother and she responds with happy coos and smiles.

I know their relationship will grow and change, ebb and flow...but for right now, I'm just savoring the sweet, uncomplicated and tender sibling love they have for each other. 

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