Sunday, December 1, 2013


Thankful, for...

- a full, restful and thankful Thanksgiving and Kimmie here!
- my Dad's focus and intensity about the family Christmas picture
- a visit with the Drosts, especially Levi and Caroline playing music together
- Levi and daddy games; wrestling matches, band practice and horsey rides
- hands busy with needles and yarn
- date with my sisters in the city; window shopping, laughter and lattes.
- texts from a fellow despiser of the cold, and realizing we made the same dinner
- Robittusin, vicks and humidifiers...and a kind (yet tired) husband.
- Levi; his imagination and humor, sweet and friendly disposition, and when he falls asleep on me
- a guest preacher and a meaningful start to advent
- cuddle time with my boys
- Levi reading with his great Grandpa
- pasta dinner from Jean Louis' Homemade Pasta Shop
- Christmas music and my elfing well underway
- "Mama, you're awesome!" - Levi, first thing in the morning
- a visit to Brian's school, fun traditions and Levi having a blast playing with his Dad's students
- surprise gift certificates
- kind emails from blog readers, just checking in :)
- feeling our inside baby kick and stretch all day long; a healthy pregnancy so far and almost half way there!

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  1. Love that we made "the list"! and loved seeing you guys.