Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Winter List and Preparing for Deep Winter

I've always been inspired by the changing of the seasons and I love embracing the special parts of each time of year. Despite my love for the seasons, I also kind of dread our long New England winters. For years I called my seasonal winter bucket list my "winter survival list", but this year I'm taking the "survival" out and just trying to embrace winter and the parts of the season to look forward to. This year, I won't just survive, I'm going to live it to the full!

Evidenced by our Christmas gifts this year, I'm inspired by the Danish concept of "Hygge" and I want to bring the warm, cozy, communal nature of winter to our home as much as possible. I look forward to constant candles burning, string lights and lanterns, warm drinks, piles of blankets, baked goods, good books, crock pot meals and plenty of communal gatherings to share it with friends and family. 

We'll see how I'm feeling come March when the snow is still knee-deep, but at the moment, I'm feeling rather excited for the deep winter setting in and all the good and beauty it has in store for us.

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