Saturday, January 9, 2016

Christmas Project: Hygge Kits

This year, I did less Christmas crafting than usual, but we did come up with a fun concept for our gift giving.  Brian and I have recently read some articles about the Danish word "Hygge" and we were inspired to create kits for encouraging hygge in our family's lives this winter. What is hygge, you ask? Brian wrote the following explanation for our kit:

"Denmark is a land of darkness and frost this time of year. At the peak of it, Winter Solstice, they only get about seven hours of daylight. Like us, they face temperatures in the teens, along with the weight of snow and frost. But the Danes have a secret weapon.

It’s called Hygge (pronounced “Hyoogah”). Popular myth credits Hygge for making Danes some of the happiest people in the world. Hygge seems to indicate a feeling of comfort, cheer, and familiarity (the word cannot be succinctly translated into English). It’s a sense of home, and a sense of casual festivity. 

Though Danes use the word for gatherings and settings throughout the year, winter is considered high season for Hygge. They surround themselves with warm, low lights, comfy socks and sweaters, and treats like cake and mulled wine to stave off the bitter twilight framed in every window pane. They create an intimate day, an inner-light, and they share it. 

So enjoy your Hygge kits. Though Hygge could never be contained in a jar, each item can add to the atmosphere ripe for true Hygge happiness. And as you enjoy the light and warmth in the cold dark, let it be a reminder of our Savior’s incomparable, conquering radiance as well:

The people who walked in darkness
have seen a great light;
those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness,
on them a light has shown.

Isaiah 9:2" 

Our kits included items such as candles, tea, hot chocolate, mason jars to house flowers or candles, comfy socks, twinkle lights, hand cream, lip balm, a good book, hand warmers and chocolates; all things that we hoped would encourage a warm and happy winter. 

Here's to a hygge season for us all!


  1. I was reading all about Hygge, and it's counterpart - Koselig - earlier this season, and I am FASCINATED by it! I really want to make this winter "warmer", and so far, we are doing well with the idea!

    1. oooh, I need to look up "Koselig"! Intriguing! I love thinking about winter this way. Game changer, for sure. :)


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