Tuesday, September 16, 2014

To Remember - Levi, Age 3

Dear Levi,

There are so many things I want to remember about 3 year old you.

I want to remember your mop of platinum blond hair, all bright and wild next to your summer tanned skin. I want to remember your constantly dirty feet and fingernails, proof of your love of outdoor adventures and going barefoot (just like your Mama). I want to remember your big smiling eyes that remind me of your Papa, your soft button nose and cute gappy front teeth. I want to remember how even though you are looking more and more like a little boy, you still have moments when you want to be all curled up in my arms and need me to cuddle and comfort you like when you were a little baby. I want to remember the tight hugs and how you hold my cheeks when you kiss me. 

I want to remember how smart and curious you are and how you often ask me big questions ("What is it to 'die', Mama? And how will there be an airplane to take us all the way to Heaven? God lives so far away..."). I want to remember how you come up with creative solutions to the questions and problems you encounter. I want to remember how you listen to the Bible on CD during almost every meal and how you already know those important stories so well.  They are still fresh and new to you and your eyes often get wide and you exclaim something like "Oh no! Jesus is going to walk on water!" or "Eve, be careful of that sneaky snake!".  I want to remember how you spend hours talking with your Papa about the books you're reading together (Stuart Little at the moment), about what you did that day and about questions you have about life.  I want to remember our sweet little "school" times together, reading books, doing puzzles, creating art, collecting treasure for our nature table, reading poetry. I want to remember how you happily scoot around Salem on your new scooter, with ease and great form. I want to remember how you constantly stop and give us a cheesy grin and thank us for getting it for your birthday. 

I want to remember how sweet you are with your sister and how you welcomed her into our family without question or hesitation.  She was immediately your baby and you've loved and taken care of her right from the beginning.  I want to remember how you comfort her when she cries, usually be saying her name and singing "jingle bells". I want to remember how you nuzzle your face into hers, kiss her hand and whisper "I gotcha babe, I gotcha babe." and "I love you, Mags".

I want to remember how much I loved your cute and winsome 3 year old ways and how you could so easily make me smile, even when you were being mischievous. Mamas and 3 year olds don't always get along, so I also want to remember how good we are at saying sorry and making up when we lose our tempers and frustrate each other.

I love you sweet boy and am so looking forward to what this next year brings. 


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