Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Around the Kettle: Autumn Edition

Sea Kettle is feeling fabulously fallish these days, with it's magenta mums, baby gourds, wheat-y wreaths, bunches of Japanese lanterns and hand picked, bright and late blooming zinnias. We take advantage of mid-day warmth with nature walks, errands and outdoor adventures, but don't mind cloistering back in at the end of the day.

Orange, cloves and cinnamon are simmering on the stove, apple pie candles are burning, the littles are in socks and sweaters and found cuddling in quilts. While the baby sleeps under soft hand-knit afghans, we tackle piles of library books and make tea and pumpkin bread.  

Nights end close, keeping warm, hand in hand. 

Yes, the Sea Kettlers are gently and happily settling into autumn.


  1. Longing for says we reached 90 degrees today. Can't believe it's been two years, this month, that we tried to get together. I always enjoy the things you share in this space. Hoping to visit again and so wanting to make it to the Common Ground Fair. Warm Regards:)

  2. What a lovely post. Your family is beautiful!