Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wedding Shadow Box

A friend from church asked me to help her out with a shadow box that she has been wanting to put together from memorabilia from her wedding.  I took it home and had a lot of fun arranging the invitation, program, corsages and other dried flowers (let's face it, I'm loving anything that gets my mind off of every ache and pain that makes me wonder if I'm going into labor!). I thought it was a really nice idea and kind of wish I had done something similar with my wedding "stuff". Ahh, c'est la vie!

All you need to make your own shadow box is a glue gun and the ephemera and flowers that you want displayed.  It's an easy way to display the lovely things that usually just get stored in boxes for years.

I was kind of inspired by this project and have another very different shadow box post in store for you tomorrow... 


  1. what a good idea! ....you're making mine for my future wedding!!

  2. I'd love to, Katie... Obviously!

  3. I love it! And as Katie said, when I get married, this is going to be one of your projects for me. :)