Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An Anniversary Shadow Box

After I was asked to create yesterday's wedding shadow box,  I was inspired to use the same medium for my anniversary gift to Brian. I had never used a shadow box before and it seemed like there would be lots of neat possibilities. After quite a bit of perusing of the art store for some inspiration, I settled on using small squares of wood to create the "story" of our last 5 years together. On each of the 12 panels (1'x1'), I painted a little scene depicting something having to do with our marriage thus far. Then I attached a small block of wood to the back before mounting it in the shadow box, to give it some nice depth. I was nervous about how it would turn out, but Brian loved it and that's really all that counts, right?


  1. I hopped on over from kojodesigns. You created such a lovely, memorable gift! Your painting skills are amazing. I am not a painter but love this idea that I could create using small photos. Photography is my thing. Thanks so much for sharing this!