Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wedding Road Trip to Tennessee

I wanted to share some shots of the beautiful wedding we were able to witness in the hills of Tennessee. It was a gorgeous spring day and the setting couldn't be more perfect for a romantic farm wedding. It was such a blessing to see my dear friends and share in the joy of Caroline and David's wedding.
 Walking to the ceremony site
 Caroline and David
 A scrumptious Yemeni feast
 Some of the Yemen girls (we missed you, Ruth and Saralee!)
 The boys and their donkey
 Sister hug
 The get away horse and buggy
 We followed them out with singing...
Riding off into the sunset...

On our way home from the wedding, we made a quick day-long stop in D.C for a little fun and culture.  We spent the afternoon at the National Gallery of Art, had an amazing Italian meal at the museum cafe, then finished the day enjoying the plant life at the National Botanical Gardens. 
Here's to hoping that this beautiful weather heads up north soon!


  1. Beautiful. Such a memory...you will never forget.

  2. Thanks, Phyllis. It certainly was a beautiful, unforgettable wedding!

  3. These are so beautiful, Kerrie!

  4. What a great trip! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!

  5. Gorgeous photos! What a beautiful, unique wedding. Love it!