Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dreamy Diana

One of my Christmas gifts this year was the Dreamy Diana lens.  It's a fun little plastic lens that gives photos a "dreamy" retro look, a la the old Diana Camera from the 1960s.  The lens I initially got came broken, so I just received the replacement and have been having fun experimenting with it around the neighborhood. 
So, what do you think? Dreamy?


  1. Cool- where did you get it? I especially love the metal fence photo.

  2. I got it at a website called on the words "Dreamy Diana Lens" in my post and it should take you there. It's a lot of fun...I think it will be great for summer photos, especially.

  3. YESSS love your dreamy pics! On a side note, I'm making a window box at wood shop and was trying to figure out from your photo how you attach the box to your window? Did you buy a metal piece / did you have to screw it into the siding of your house?